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Toronto is one of North America’s top cities to live in. We are also the raccoon capital of North America. We have more raccoons in every square kilometre than anywhere else. This makes raccoon removal services in high demand. The bad news is that we have more nuisance wildlife than just our bandit friend. Squirrels, Skunks, Bats and Birds are right behind raccoons when it comes to human-wildlife conflicts. At Complete Wildlife Removal Services we offer a variety of services such as humane animal removal, damage repair and preventative measures. If you think you might have a critter in your attic, chimney or garage, call our office for a complete inspection. Once we find the entry hole, we can get the animal out and keep them out. All our removal services are 100% guaranteed and humane. Call our office 1-888-466-2122 Today.


Do you live in Toronto, Ontario? Then the chances are you have come across a wild animal in the city. Unlike some places in the world, we have our share of beautiful, wild, animals that roam the city streets such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats and birds. If you own a home or business in the city of Toronto, chances are you have hired a pest control company before. Most of our clients in Toronto, call us for services such as raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bat removal and bird removal. We offer quick and humane removal plus we guarantee any animal removal job we provide. Find out why Torontonians have been trusting Complete Wildlife for their wild animal removal services.


Got unwanted raccoons? we can help you remove them quickly and humanely. This is what we specialize in. When you make an appointment with us, our technician will start with an inspection of your property. Once we locate the entry hole, we will install a one-way door to make sure the animal gets out and not be able to return. This humane method is preferred by most professional organizations such as the humane society. During the baby season, we must make sure to remove the babies physically and place them in a baby box outside. This way the mother raccoon has a chance of relocating her young, thus giving babies a chance to survive the removal process. Call the company with years of raccoon removal experience in Toronto and surrounding areas. We are happy to help.


Squirrel removal in Toronto takes a lot of experience and needs to be done by a seasoned technician. One needs to understand the biology and behavior of the animal to be able to come up with the best removal and exclusion method. This is exactly what we do at Complete Wildlife Removal Services. When you call us for squirrel control at your property, we will start with a full inspection of your property. Once we locate the entry hole, we can remove the squirrels by installing a one-way door system. This device allows all squirrels to exit and not be able to get back in. We will cover the hole with special screening to make sure it can’t get back in. Don’t wait until squirrels have damaged your property. Call our office today 1-888-466-2122.




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