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Scarborough is a suburban district in Toronto, Ontario. Situated atop the Scarborough Bluffs, it occupies the eastern part of the city. Scarborough is contained within the borders of Victoria Park Avenue on the west, Steeles Avenue to the north, Rouge River and the city of Pickering to the east, and Lake Ontario to the south. We offer a variety of wildlife removal services such as raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bat removal and bird removal. All our wildlife removal services are 100% guaranteed and we only use humane methods. For a quick and successful animal removal services, call our office today 1-888-466-2122 and we will be glad to book you an appointment.


Do you hear noises coming from your attic or walls? If you suspect there is a critter living in your attic, call our office for a complete inspection of your property. We will find the entry point and will make sure to get the animal and seal and close the entry hole. We have been removing unwanted animals from Scarborough homes and businesses including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats and birds. Most appointments are book the same day. Find out how we can help you with removing unwanted raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats and birds. Call our office today 1-888-466-2122.


Have you tried removing raccoons yourself and have had no success? The reason is, you need extensive amount of experience when it comes to raccoon removal in Scarborough, ON. Professional companies like Complete Wildlife use a R108 raccoon one way door system. This device allows the raccoons to exit through their entry hole and not be able to get back in. This brilliant raccoon removal method has been proven over the years and is almost over night, unlike live trapping raccoons. Second option is using a live catch trap. In situations where a one way door cannot be used, we will set up a trap to capture the animal. In special times, we could also physically snare the animal and relocate it to a more suitable place. Call 1-888-466-2122 to speak to a representative today.


Squirrels are active during the day. They often go in and out of the den, making a lot of noise. If you hear scratching and running in your attic, then you might have squirrels. We have been removing squirrels from Scarborough homes and businesses using only humane methods such as one way doors or live catch traps. We will start with an inspection of your property. Once we find the entry hole, we can remove the squirrels using a one way door and make sure they can’t get back in. Squirrel removal is more complicated than just installing a door. Our technician will come up with the best plan of removal and prevention for your home or business. All our squirrel control jobs are 100% guaranteed. Don’t wait, call our office 1-888-466-2122 and book an appointment today.




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